The photo shoots are listed in the following way:

  1. The photo shoots without defined month and day
  2. According to the month
  • First those that have the defined month but not the day
  • Next those that have the defined month and day

1. By Bent René Synnevåg

2. By Scottish Kenny

3. By Kenny McCracken

4. By Zack Piánko

5. By Linn Heidi

6. By Jannice Bårtvedt (March)

7. By Mariann Lunde (April)

8. By Mariann Lunde (April 15th)

9. By Magne Sandnes (June)

10. By Olga Baczynska (July)

11. By Tom Øverlie (August 9th)

12. By Viv Imaria (August 24th)

13. By Nordicbynature (September)

14. By Gøril Hernes (December 12th)

15. By Ann Kristin Ødegård (December)

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