The photo shoots are listed in the following way:

  1. The photo shoots without defined month and day
  2. According to the month
  • First those that have the defined month but not the day
  • Next those that have the defined month and day

1. By Eric White

2. By Bent René Synnevåg

3. By Guillaume Kerjean

4. By Luc Coiffait

5. By Rune Sævig

6. By Martin Høye

7. By Carmen Catuti

8. By Line Møllerhaug (January)

9. By Leonn Ward (January)

10. By Kenny McCracken (February)

11. By Julia Marie Nagle (February 7th)

12. By Tord Litleskare (March 28th)

13. By Mimsy Møller (May 5th)

14. By Sandra Wilbury (May 7th)

15. By Lauren Kallen (May 30th)

16. By Joy Asico (May 30th)

17. By Hadas (May)

18. By Sofiane Ryan J (June)

19. By Bruno Werzinski (June)

20. By Are Marmelade (June 25th)

21. By Silje Sigurdsen (July 13th)

22. By Erlend Buflaten (July 14th)

23. By M. Hametner (July 25th)

24. By Sarah Winona (August)

25. For (August 20th)

26. By Doug Elliott (August 27th)

27. By Nicolay Woldsdal (October)

28. By Miguel Soares (October 23rd)

29. For Q conert photos (October 29th)

30. By Patick Essex (October 29th)

31. By Klaudia Lech (November)

32. By Birgit Solhaug (November)

33. By Roberto Aguilar (November)

34. By Jason Williamson (November 15th)

35. By Scottish Kenny (November 15th)

36. By Rune Johansen (November 15th)

37. By Rune Sævig (December 12th)

38. By Miriam M. Waldner (December 20th)

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