The photo shoots are listed in the following way:

  1. The photo shoots without defined month and day
  2. According to the month
  • First those that have the defined month but not the day
  • Next those that have the defined month and day

1. By Leslie Kirchhoff

2. By Hart + Lëshkina

3. By Knut Åserud

4. By Karina Rønning (January 6th)

5. By Amy Lidgett (February)

6. By Rachel Kaplan (February 10th)

7. By Beata (February 19th)

8. By Juliane Werne (March)

9. By Jimmy Linus (March 4th)

10. By Magnus Skylstad (March 6th)

11. By Charlie Sarsfield and Jordan Bond (March 10th)

12. By Amanda Hakan (March 11th)

13. By David Sandison (March 14th)

14. By Fernando Omedé (March 15th)

15. By Luis Ruiz (March 31st)

16. By Andrew Burton (April 6th)

17. By Sarah Midkiff (April 9th)

18. By Camilla Bjørn (April 9th)

19. By Reid Rolls (April 18th)

20. By Rachel Kaplan (April 20th)

21. By James Bareham (April 22nd)

22. By Sandra Wilbury (May 7th)

23. By Øyvind Toft (June 22nd)

24. By Kimberley Ross (June 29th)

25. By Tore Sandberg (July 8th)

26. By Jake Jones (July 23rd)

27. By Emily Malan (July 24th)

28. By Lucy Hewett (July 31st)

29. By Samuel Bradley (August)

30. By Haakon Nordvik (August)

31. By Paul Inge Vikingstad (August 1st)

32. By Paal Audestad (August 5th)

33. By Erik Moholdt (August 10th)

34. By Szabó Gábor (August 16th)

35. By Aline Bourgetel Og Dimitri (September)

36. By Joan (September 4th)

37. By Christian Tierney (September 5th)

38. By Edouard Risselet (September 14th)

39. By Edward Cooke, Jack Bridgland (October)

40. By Aline Bourgetel Og Dimitri (October 3rd)

41. By Victoria Best (October 13th)

42. By Matthew Phillips (October 15th)

43. By Ally Pitypang (October 21st)

44. By Bent René Synnevåg (November 2nd)

45. By Ken Grand-Pierre (November 3rd)

46. By Ryan Parker (November 9th)

47. By Cory Morton (November 17th)

48. By Elodie Daguin (November 18th)

49. By Koury Angelo (November 27th)

50. By Iav Stubberud (November 27th)

51. By Colin Young-Wolff (November 28th)

52. By Bent René Synnevåg (December)

53. By Lise Åserud (December 6th)

54. By The Sceptic (December 15th)

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