The photoshoots are listed in the following way:

  1. The photoshoots without defined month and day
  2. According to the month
  • First those that have the defined month but not the day
  • Next those that have the defined month and day

1. By Kai Svellingen Flatekvål

2. By Miles Holder

3. By Andrè Løyning

4. By Knut Åserud

5. By Viktoria Lutterloh Aksnes

6. By Mohammad Ataey (January 26th)

7. By Tony Kearney (February 3rd)

8. By Daniel Boud (February 4th)

9. By Michael Buckner (February 11th)

10. By Ryan Kenny (February 27th)

11. By Nic De Jesus (April 7th)

12. By Garth Badger (April 17th)

13. By Julie Pike (April 28th)

14. By Skylar Colleen (June)

15. By John T. Pedersen (June 12th)

16. By Victoria Stevens (July 15th)

17. By Hilde Bjørnskau (July 22nd)

18. By Stooszyt (July 24th)

19. By Flavio Leone (July 24th)

20. By Sebastian S. Bjerkvik (November 2nd)

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