Step 2

A Different Kind Of Human - Step 2 is the 2nd chapter of AURORA's 2nd studio album.


On the same day of the release of Step 1, AURORA confirmed in an interview with NME that Step 2 will be released either in 2019 or 2020[1]. Months after, AURORA posted a photo which seems to be an alien invasion with a text that said "Something is coming in 2019" in Morse code, which hinted that Step 2 would be set to release in 2019.[2]

On December 24, AURORA announced in an interview for Bergen Tindende that Step 2 is coming faster than expected, most likely because she and Magnus Skylstad had been in the studio for a very long time.[3]

Confirmed on January 22, the first single, "Animal", was released on January 24.

On February 18, 2019, AURORA announced that the title won't be "Infections Of A Different Kind - Step 2" but it'll have a different name. "It's kind of what I would hope for the music to do to us" says AURORA about Step 2's title.[4]

On March 12, 2019, in an interview on B-Sides On-Air, AURORA confirmed Step 2 has already been recorded since November 2018.[5] Then in the end of March, The Seed was confirmed to be the next single.[6]Following the announcement of the new single, the title and tracklist were revealed on April 4, 2019.

"The River" was officially released on May 10, 2019 as the third single.


No. Title Writer(s) Producer(s) Length
1. "The River" AURORA, Magnus Skylstad, Odd Martin Skålnes AURORA, Magnus Skylstad, Odd Martin Skålnes, Mark Ralph 3:37
2. "Animal" AURORA, Kill Dave, Tobias Gad AURORA, Magnus Skylstad, Askjell, Kill Dave, Tim Bran, Roy Kerr, Tobias Gad 3:34
3. "Dance On The Moon" AURORA, Guy Sigsworth AURORA, Magnus Skylstad, Tim Bran, Roy Kerr 3:36
4. "Daydreamer" AURORA, Peter Wade AURORA, Askjell, Tim Bran, Roy Kerr 3:39
5. "Hunger" AURORA, Fiona Bevan AURORA, Magnus Skylstad 2:46
6. "Soulless Creatures" AURORA, Tim Bran, Roy Kerr AURORA, Tim Bran, Roy Kerr 5:02
7. "In Bottles" AURORA, Magnus Skylstad AURORA, Magnus Skylstad, Askjell, Tim Bran, Roy Kerr 3:58
8. "A Different Kind Of Human" AURORA AURORA, Magnus Skylstad, Askjell 4:01
9. "Apple Tree" AURORA, Magnus Skylstad, Odd Martin Skålnes AURORA, Magnus Skylstad, Odd Martin Skålnes 3:08
10. "The Seed" AURORA, Nicolas Rebscher, Michelle Leonard AURORA, Tim Bran, Roy Kerr, Askjell 4:26
11. "Mothership" AURORA, Askjell AURORA, Askjell 2:16
Total Time: 40:03  


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