Askjell is Norway’s one of the most desired producers. He has produced for famous names like Sigrid and Kjartan Lauritzen.

Askjell grew up in Bergen, the second biggest city in Norway, and was introduced to music from an early age. Askjell’s dad had ragga, ska and dancehall records shipped over from the UK from the 80s to the 00s. Then UK Garafe. Then dubstep. Their house is the kind where there are rooms literally dedicated to records rather than living space. But Askjell was young; he liked computer games instead (was on the national team for Team Fortress 2) – a crucial component in his development since their soundtracks often lean toward the classic side of things.

The inquisitive boy he was and self-confessed ‘nerd’, Askjell bought a Casio keyboard and became addicted to music theory and figuring out the equation, you could sat. Somewhere along the way he also picked up the bass guitar, found himself in a Metallica cover band, before his journey into fuzz, leather jackets and Converse led him to a very different place.

In addition to being a critically acclaimed producer, both in his home country Norway and abroad, Askjell began releasing music under his own solo project, which moves between an electronic and modern neoclassical sound.

On September 24, 2019, Askjell released a song featuring AURORA called "To Be Loved". The track was added to Askjell's first EP with the same name as the song.

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