Step 1
Infections Of A Different Kind - Step 1 is the 2nd EP by AURORA, and the first chapter of a two-part album.


On the day of releasing her debut album All My Demons Greeting Me as a Friend, AURORA said that it was "the first album of many" that she has planned. As of 12 May 2016, after coming back from her European tour, AURORA announced that she was ready to begin writing and producing more material, which will eventually form her second studio album. She has said in a Facebook event that she has 15 demo songs and has written 1,000 songs/poems.

On the 11 April 2018, she teased a new single, expected to be the lead single from her second EP, entitled "Queendom", which was released on 16 April 2018.

She stated in an interview that the second single will in a primal/playful mood (Animal) while the third single is going to be very dark (Forgotten Love), she was going to release Animal as the 2nd single but that was before she decided to split the album, so she released Forgotten Love instead. She states that she wants to experiment with different styles, and she wants to know which part of her audience wants to put her in a "box". She doesn't want her audience to put her in a "box".[1]

In 17 August, the second single of the EP was released. And in the next month, AURORA made a countdown to promote the EP sharing teasers of every song on it. In 28 September, the album was finally released and AURORA announced that the second chapter will be released in 2019 or 2020.[2]

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No. Title Writer(s) Producer(s) Length
1. "Queendom" AURORA, Couros, Fiona Bevan, Jakwob AURORA, Magnus Skylstad, Couros, Jakwob 3:27
2. "Forgotten Love" AURORA, Martin Sjølie Magnus Skylstad, Tim Bran, Roy Kerr, Askjell 3:28
3. "Gentle Earthquakes" AURORA, Couros, Fiona Bevan, Jakwob Tim Bran, Roy Kerr, Askjell 3:47
4. "All Is Soft Inside" AURORA, Tim Bran, Roy Kerr Tim Bran, Roy Kerr, Askjell 5:09
5. "It Happened Quiet" AURORA, Sacha Skarbek Magnus Skylstad, Tim Bran, Roy Kerr, Askjell 4:09
6. "Churchyard" AURORA, Electric AURORA, Electric 3:46
7. "Soft Universe" AURORA, Couros, Fiona Bevan, Jakwob AURORA, Magnus Skylstad, Couros, Jakwob 4:00
8. "Infections Of A Different Kind" AURORA Tim Bran, Roy Kerr, Askjell 5:27

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  • It is definitely a bit darker and weirder than the first one, and a bit deeper into her soul.
  • AURORA said the EP would have 11 songs[3] but later she confirmed in an interview she changed it.[4] And on July 22, 2018, AURORA revealed the album will have 8 songs. [5]
  • The songs on the EP address issues such as domestic abuse, global warming, connection v connectivity and fear of intimacy.
  • The songs are mostly piano-driven with some harp touches. Overall, the initial goal was to use organic instruments.
  • AURORA once said that she wanted to include some of her old songs[6] and that she wanted to put a song that includes her native language.
  • Her favorite track in the EP is the eighth track.
  • She also stated in an interview in 2017 that she didn't know whether In Bottles, Feeling, and Soft Universe will be on the EP because she recorded many songs and it was hard enough to choose the ones that will make to it, and that changed every day.[7]
  • AURORA wrote 40 songs for the album and chose the best of them. [8]
  • It was expected to be released in 2017.


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