Kenny McCracken Is a photographer / film maker based in the London and Brighton. He has crafted his style through a decade of shooting people where his rapport with his sitters allows him to acheive his somber but intense aesthetic.  With a background in the music industry It seemed obvious that he should combine his love, for both music and photography into one career. So its not surprising that much of Kenny's work, is in or around the music industry. He is also imbedded in two different production companies as a director, "Rubbernecker films" and "Other finger films" where he has directed and DOP'd on several music videos and adverts.

Kenny has been involved in the media industries for over a decade, having studied for a degree in Photography at Brighton University. After graduating he was offered a record deal with his band Victor Malloy, and later with Gloria Cycles, releasing albums with both.

After ten years of writing, recording and touring it was a natural progression for Kenny to pursue music photography, and he has photographed album covers, press shots and magazine articles for the likes of Rizzle Kicks, Orbital, Alice Russell and The Maccabees.

This career developed into music videos, and today Kenny works on large and small productions, bringing his unique eye and original ideas to support the music that his images are tasked with reflecting.

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