Magnus Åserud Skylstad (born 17 June 1983 ) is a Norwegian musician and producer from Bergen. He began playing drums at around the age of fifteen years old. He plays drums on AURORA's band

When he met her, he said "My manager Geir Luedy (MADE Management) asked me if I could do a session with a young woman, we booked the studio and we recorded 5 or 6 of their songs with just the vocals and piano. I selected one of the songs I wanted to work with "This song was 'Runaway'. She immediately impressed me."

He has played drums for Orbo & the Longshots, William Hut, Josefin Winther, November Homecoming, Monica Heldal (EP release), Line Dybedal, Norwegian Tiger, Silja Dyngeland (aka Silja Sol) and Marie Klåpbakken

And as a producer he has worked with Anja Elena Viken ("Klæssar you down, '' Gatekredibilitet"), Josefin Winther , Hank von Helvete (ESC 2013), Line Dybedal, The Pink Robots (2013), Norwegian Tiger, The Well and Carl Espen (ESC 2014).

He has since 2011 worked in Your Favourite Music together with Geir Luedy and Erlend Fauske. The driver studio sound-rich in Bergen.

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