Nothing Is Eternal is the 2nd mini-documentary AURORA filmed. It was directed in Bergen and New York, 2016.[1]

At the beginning, AURORA explains the reason why she's making it, saying "I’m making this video because I’m afraid of what might happen. I might not be here tomorrow or the day after, so I want to make this video to keep the things that inspire me alive.”[2]

During the mini-doc, we meet her two older sisters, Miranda and Viktoria, (a make-up artist and a fashion designer) who admit to AURORA that they were afraid for her before she went to high school because they thought she “would get bullied or picked on. Because you were so weird and you dressed so weird. And we were so scared that it was going to be so tough on you to go to high school.”[3] We also meet some of AURORA's friends, one of them being Sigrid, another Norwegian singer-songwriter.

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AURORA - Nothing is Eternal (A Documentary)

AURORA - Nothing is Eternal (A Documentary)

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