Roy Kerr is a producer, mixer and writer.

Kerr’s breakthrough arrived in 2001 when his cheeky mash-up of tracks from The Strokes and Christina Aguilera resulted in “Stroke of Genius", a track which would energise dancefloors the world over and inspire a seemingly endless run of producers to attempt to repeat his feat. He also immediately became the go-to man for an inspired remix, with Blur, Pink, Shakira and even Christina Aguilera herself all commissioning him.

2005 delivered the opportunity of a lifetime when Sir Paul McCartney invited Kerr to open for him during a six-month world tour. That resulted in the ambitious Twin Freaks project, for which McCartney and Kerr ambitiously reworked classics from The Beatles and Wings back catalogue for the dancefloor.

Sessions with Freeform Five saw the group’s Anu Pillai join forces with Kerr to form the writing and production duo Kid Glove sin 2007. Their very first session together spawned their first hit, co-writing with Ladyhawke the disco-thumping “Paris Is Burning", and they went on to write further tracks for her debut album on Modular. This was followed by writing and recording the first Little Boots releases, including “Symmetry” and “Not Now".

Despite all of the activity with Kid Gloves, Kerr also resurrected The Freelance Hellraiser moniker in 2012, writing and producing tracks for Dominique Young Unique as well as remixing for The Verve, Imelda May and Hard-Fi.

In 2012, Kerr and fellow Big Life producer Tim Bran formed a production duo called MyRiot. They gained success producing for artists from Atlantic Records.

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