Silja Sol Dyngeland (born 13 April 1990), known by the stage name Silja Sol, is a pop musician from Bergen, Norway. Silja Sol is signed on the label Designated Company, and is booking agent at Standing Ovation. In AURORA's band she has the support function, producing vocal effects and technical effects with her synthesizer.

In 2012 she released sjutommeren "Tensed Situation" under the name Silja Dyngeland. When she released her debut album "At Heart" in 2014, she switched to the artist name Silja Sol. This album was nominated for Spellemannprisen 2014 subcategory shows.

AURORA and Silja met through their entrepreneurs who are part of the music production company "Made Managment" in the year 2014.

In 2017 the singer won the Spellemann award for best album with "Ni Liv," the same award that AURORA won in 2015.

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